Mine Vegetable Producers Project

As the EPCM consultant for the construction phase for the Ahafo Project, and as part of Newmont’s Social License to Operate, Lycopodium supported and developed the Mine Vegetable Producers (MVP) farm project. Lycopodium Health, Safety and Environment and Community Relations Officers worked with members of the community and the site catering contractor to develop the scheme.

Recognising early in the planning stages the need for a local long-term vegetable market to supply the catering requirements of the Ahafo site, the team saw an opportunity to source fresh vegetables and fruit from local producers, who could benefit as direct suppliers. The project’s aim was to develop sustainable local business and employment opportunities and to create long term income prospects for communities in the area.

After months of community discussions, a farming business, MVP, was formed as an independent organisation.

MVP slowly expanded by way of cash crop development, crop diversification, agricultural and irrigated farming training with a long term goal for export opportunities.

The project is a source of pride to the local community, demonstrating that small business enterprises can be successful in the area. Not only is the business providing an alternative to the predominantly traditional subsistence farming operating in the district, it is presenting an example on farming, business partnering and development. MPV employs local workers and supplies fresh vegetables year round. Through MVP, other local farmers are also providing produce to the Ahafo project.

With Ahafo now managed by Newmont’s Operations Group, the Lycopodium team have handed over the activities to that group.