HV Maintenance Strategy Development

Australia, WA
Lycopodium was engaged to provide Asset Management Readiness services to enable the BHPIO NPI Department to operate and maintain their HV Assets.

Lycopodium was engaged to provide Operational Readiness services to enable the BHPIO NPI Dept. to operate and maintain their HV Assets.

Lycopodium performed a full technical object structure (TOS), construction assembly (CA), preventive maintenance strategy, maintenance instructions, asset register, strategy on a page (SOAP) review and build for the BHP HV assets at eastern and central mine network in two stages.

The project involved interaction with the project manager and HV shutdown coordinator during phase 1 for the TOS and CA review. Three technical workshops were held during phase 2 of the project after carrying out the technical audit of the existing maintenance strategies. The HV maintenance site execution team – right from the technician to the superintendent – were engaged for feedback on maintenance strategies during all three workshops.

Deliverables for the project included:

  1. BHP HV maintenance strategy build worksheet.
  2. Maintenance strategy starts dates and resource levelling worksheet.
  3. Strategy on a page (SOAP).
  4. HV asset register.
  5. New preventive maintenance instruction documents.
  6. Other project supporting documents
    • New document information record (DIR);
    • Overhead line pole record sheets;
    • HV switchyard equipment summary;
    • Functional location review spreadsheet;
    • HV protection relays summary;
    • Bulk PMI creation -BHP RIT tool user instructions;
    • BHP RIT tool worksheet and supporting documents; and
    • BHP HV project punch list – future projects to be carried out


  • Asset Management Engineering
  • Technical object structure (TOS)
  • Construction assembly (CA)
  • Preventive maintenance strategy
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Asset register
  • Strategy on a page (SOAP) review
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