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Australia, WA
Lycopodium recently completed working with local government organisation, City of Perth, to deliver Property Asset Data Collection and Condition Programme services to enable the City to progress its Property Asset Management Programme

Perth, Western Australia is a modern and vibrant capital city, boasting a desirable lifestyle and a great geographic location. With just under 14 sq km in land area, the City of Perth (CoP) covers an area encompassing the Central Perth Business District, West Perth, Crawley, Northbridge and East Perth.
It is experiencing a period of rapid growth and development, and by 2050 it is estimated that CoP will be home to 50,000 people, provide 180,000 jobs and will welcome an increasingly diverse array of visitors.
Lycopodium recently completed working with the local government organisation, CoP, to deliver Property Asset Data Collection and Condition Programme services to enable the City to progress its Property Asset Management Programme. To do this, CoP has identified its objectives as:

  • finalising the City’s Land and Building Asset Management Plans and continuing to satisfy statutory obligation
  • gaining an understanding of the condition of all current buildings assets condition at a component level
  • identifying current operational and maintenance risks to the City to facilitate detailed forward works planning
  • demonstrating capital works funding requirements, and
  • assisting strategic and portfolio estate planning

Lycopodium’s scope of work included the following activities:

  • Undertaking an Asset Data Collection to identify component level assets within all City property.
  • Completing an Asset Condition Rating, Risk & Rectification to identify the current condition and rating of component level assets within all City property.
  • Providing a professional opinion of the current risk the component and building represents to the City, along with the recommended rectification actions required in order to bring the property back to a suitable standard.
  • Preparing a 10 Year forward works program for all property assets based on a series of three scenarios that achieve agreed condition levels of services.
  • Developing, in consultation with CoP personnel, a scientific and justifiable method to alter the priorities of the Property Asset Component replacements to develop 3 scenarios.
  • Conducting a review of emergency equipment as legislated by Statutory Requirements.
  • Producing a gap analysis of the Forward Works Plan against the budget for each property asset to identify which of the required actions in the Forward Works Plan have been funded, and which have not.

The composition of the property building asset portfolio is broad and contains purpose built civic and heritage buildings such as Council House, Perth Town Hall, City Library and the Perth Concert Hall in addition to operational depot assets, commercial buildings, community use building assets and public toilets.

Lycopodium was awarded this project in December 2016 with completion in May 2017.

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