Giving back.
Where it belongs,
front and centre.

Doing the right thing matters to us. We do the right thing by our clients, but we also do the right thing by people – by society – whether we’re supporting local charities, schools and universities or providing opportunities for Indigenous communities and businesses in our projects.


Creating meaningful change
and a positive legacy

Being a good corporate citizen and leaving communities stronger and healthier than we found them comes naturally to everyone at Lycopodium.

It’s simply who we are, with local engagement and employment hard-wired into every project from the outset, just like the support we provide for life-changing charities and education initiatives.


Joining the Fight
Against COVID-19

We have designed and fabricated an electrically operated ventilator – known as LycoVent – for use as an emergency backup in the event of a shortage resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The portable unit, which is independent of piped oxygen supply, delivers breaths by compressing a conventional resuscitator bag with a pivoting cam arm, eliminating the need for a human operator. It is based on a concept developed by MIT in 2010 and was developed locally in Perth, Western Australia, in collaboration with ECG Engineering (which is partly owned by Lycopodium) and our long-term industry partner, Alloytech.

In partnership with Australian Doctors for Africa, we intend to make LycoVent available to African hospitals where the need for such a device is considered significant, not only in response to COVID but more broadly to supplement the limited healthcare options available.


Click here to watch the Channel 7 News feature on the LycoVent

Helping B.A.S.I.C.S. transform the lives of disadvantaged kids

In addition to annual funding support for B.A.S.I.C.S International’s poverty alleviation programs in Accra Ghana, we fully funded, designed and constructed a new school – a fundamental learning centre that will enhance young lives for years to come.

Nurturing Indigenous wellbeing and talent with Clontarf and Murlpirrmarra Connection

Through our affiliation with the Clontarf Foundation and Murlpirrmarra Connection, we’re actively supporting the education, self-esteem, life skills and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Cultivating a new generation of engineers

If you haven’t noticed, we love engineering. It’s probably no surprise then, that we’re invested in developing the next generation of engineers through our support for the Science and Engineering Challenge, which is a Year 10 STEM encouragement program and Curtin University’s Engineering Pavilion Complex.

Fighting genetic diseases through Jeans for Genes

We’ve sponsored Jeans for Genes since 1998. In fact, we’re one of the charity’s largest fundraisers in Western Australia, with direct donations and staff raffles, quiz nights and silent auctions raising funds for the Children’s Medical Research Institute.