Our Story

Our story.
It just gets better,
chapter after chapter.

After more than 25 years at the top of our engineering game, we have a portfolio of pioneering world firsts and a track record of delivering on time, on spec, on budget. Ours is a story of partnerships and problem solving that spans the world and a range of industries.

Who are we?

We are leaders in our field, all working together to provide integrated engineering, construction and asset management solutions across the globe. Together, we’re a formidable problem-solving, project-managing, value-maximising force.

Meet our people

What do we do?

We apply science and ingenuity to process, engineering, construction management, maintenance and operational challenges. We solve problems and mitigate or eliminate risk. From concept to completion. From metals, minerals, energy and renewables to road, rail and port infrastructure. From the manufacturing and food and beverage sectors, to chemicals, pharmaceuticals and agriculture.

We commercialise science

How do we do it?

Intelligently, collaboratively and passionately. We look after our people and, in turn, our people put the project first. We do what we say. Always. We’re continually learning and improving. We acknowledge breaking points while pushing boundaries. And so, we can guarantee our performance, which is why our clients choose us time and again.

How we think

Where do we work?

Everywhere. We have offices across Australia and in South Africa, Canada, Ghana and The Philippines, with operations and projects the world over.

Where we work