Our People

Our people.
We’re like family.

People come and go from any business. Here, they mostly come and grow, partly because we’re all good people and we love what we do, but mainly because we’re big on respect. And respect translates directly into having a voice. Into a sense of belonging. Into a richness of ideas and opportunities.

How We Think

Taking on the world, together

There’s no engineering challenge we can’t solve when we listen, share ideas, push and support each other. It’s a belief that runs through our business, from our founders and board to our new graduates. It’s what makes us, us. It’s what makes us Lycopods.

How we think

What is a Lycopod?

The term ‘Lycopod’ was first coined by our people to describe, well, themselves. If you’re a Lycopod then you have that special something that makes us, our teams and our solutions different. Lycopods are not conformists. Far from it. They have different personalities and capabilities, but share a certain professional mindset, confidence and an innate ability to work together – sharing ideas, insights, responsibility. They make our culture.

Become a Lycopod

Listen up, speak up, buckle up

If you share our passion for intelligent engineering, you’ll love it here. If you share our respect for others – other opinions, experiences, solutions – then you’ll thrive, because it’s this openness that’s behind the sheer diversity of projects we tackle and deliver the world over.

A world of projects

Go places, even when you don’t go places

The global nature of our business means there’s scope to travel, work overseas, experience the wider world. But you don’t have to travel to stretch yourself. Wherever you are, you’ll work with and learn from the brightest minds, tackling the most complex, most challenging projects around.

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