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Industrial Processes

Pharmaceuticals. Biotech. Manufacturing. Chemicals and energy production. Food and beverage production. Wherever chemistry, physics and engineering come together, our industrial process specialists are there to design, develop and deliver technically challenging, bespoke plants and facilities. Innovatively. Cost-effectively. Sustainably and safely.

Industrial Processes

What do we mean by ‘Industrial Processes’?

Industrial Processes is where chemistry and physics come together with engineering to deliver challenging, unique facilities – projects that require a team packed with multidisciplinary smarts to deliver plants and processes that are efficient, reliable and safe.

Think linear electron accelerator. Think sauce manufacturing plant. Think halon destruction facility. Think H2S gas production plant.

We’re talking about industrial projects that are inherently complex and risk-prone, delivered in partnership with clients across the globe. Any industry. Any sector. Anywhere.

Industrial process projects

Proven industrial processes experience

At Lycopodium, we’ve applied our industrial processes experience and expertise in a diverse range of industries.

  • Chemical and energy. Talk to our process engineers about how we expedite and de-risk even the most complex chemical and energy projects.
  • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Learn about our extensive industrial process design and development experience partnering with clients in medical-based sectors.
  • Sustainability and environment. Find out about our expertise in developing processes and plants that harness alternative technologies.
  • Renewables. Learn more about how we are supporting the renewable energy sector by applying our capability and process experience to assist in developing biofuel and alternative energy facilities.
  • Food and beverage production. Allow our experienced industrial processes team to make the complex HSEQ challenge of food and beverage production simpler.
  • Manufacturing and R&D. Discover how we use innovative modelling techniques to help clients streamline a wide range of manufacturing and R&D projects.
  • Water and wastewater. Find out how we apply our process knowledge and work with specialists in the water technology field to develop client-specific facilities.
  • Tank farms. Ask us how we apply our significant experience in the design, construction and commissioning of tank farms.
Industrial process projects

Tailored process solutions for unique industrial projects

No two industrial clients, plants or facilities are the same. Whether it’s the logistical or financial parameters of a project or the technical challenge of maximising efficiency without compromising health and safety, every project is different.

That’s why we tailor our multidisciplinary teams and our EPC/EPCM model to suit your organisation and strategic objectives, drawing on the wealth of technical and industry experience within our global group.

It’s an approach that enables us to integrate seamlessly with your team and thereby streamline the development of your project, from the initial concept and study phases through to detailed design, procurement, project and construction management and project commissioning.

Your technical challenges, operational goals and strategic objectives become ours. Our breadth and depth of process engineering expertise and industry sector experience become yours.

In this way – in partnership – we’re able to think creatively and act innovatively, finding cost-effective ways to bring your project to fruition, while always minimising environmental and personal risk.

Industrial process projects
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