Food and beverage production

Chocolate. Tomato sauce. Peanut butter. Ice cream. Beer. Chips.
We are trusted by some of Australia’s biggest names in food and beverage production. For decades, our industrial processes specialists have played a part in your daily life without you even knowing. Our engineers specialise in the clean facility design and process controls required to produce some of the most popular and iconic foods and beverages on the Australian market.


Our vast experience with clean design and sanitary requirements for the pharmaceutical sector also holds us in good stead for the processing of food and beverages, which require stringent cleanliness and controlled processing to ensure high quality and long shelf life.

We have vast experience in the “Australianisation” of international vendor equipment and providing facility and balance of plant design in support of client-preferred technology and processing equipment.

Food & Beverage projects


From the outset, we will work closely with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your project’s requirements. In each project we undertake, we ensure the process design is fit-for-purpose. We take a step back for an outside view of your current plans to see how the plant will tie together as a whole, allowing us to better determine the project scope.

Working closely with the client’s project team, we ensure that each step of the project delivery process is fully communicated, understood and agreed before it’s taken. This ensures a high degree of project success.

Food & Beverage projects

Preparing for future growth

In addition to optimising your existing processes, it is prudent to consider future production needs. For nominal added cost, we can scope and include design specifics with built-in surplus/buffer capacities to accommodate ongoing production demand.

While accommodating current user demand, we can size and select equipment and design the process facility to enable a wider variety of products and accommodate future market and production opportunities. This approach is especially important for contract manufacturers, who must meet a wide range of often unpredictable requirements when processing new products for their customers.

Food & Beverage projects

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