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Ethanol. Biodiesel. Anaerobic digestion. Biogas. Solar Thermal. While the media focuses on green hydrogen and solar PV, other forms of renewable energy such as biofuels are quietly being developed on a large scale. Whether delivering green hydrogen projects, the largest biofuel facility in Australia, or a trailer-mounted solar-powered lighting system for remote locations, our versatile team is at the cutting edge of technology, ready to bring your project to life.

Engineering for a renewable future

With the global push towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and development of green energy, we are supporting the renewable energy sector by applying our capability and process experience to assist in developing biofuels, biogas and other clean energy production facilities.

Notably, we delivered the largest biofuel facility in Australia at Barnawartha in Victoria, which takes animal tallow and converts this to biodiesel.

Renewables projects

Designing hydrogen solutions for half a century

The Lycopodium team first became involved with hydrogen projects back in the sixties – and we still have the drawings to prove it! Whilst the potential for hydrogen as a future fuel has enticed many to the industry, we present a most compelling choice, providing a wealth of experience that newcomers cannot hope to match. A number of our people have remained present throughout three full decades of that history, building significant expertise in working with processes involving the generation, storage and use of hydrogen.

Renewables projects

Independent advice across a range of technology options

We have delivered a diverse range of projects across the renewable energy sector, applying our process experience in developing solar thermal, chemical energy storage, hydrogen fuel cell, and microgrid and off-grid energy solutions, as well as providing advisory services on more common solar PV, wind and battery storage technologies. We remain technology-neutral and believe that there are applications where each of these renewable technologies can be best utilised. As long as they are carbon-free and have a low or no environmental impact, we will work with you to determine your best option.

Renewables projects

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