Manufacturing and R&D

While the face of manufacturing is changing, the principles behind it remain the same. Our industrial processes team specialises in delivering engineering solutions to bring your manufacturing facility or process safely and efficiently online. Whether an autoclave in Port Melbourne, a magnesium recovery plant in Karratha, equipment for nuclear research in Sydney or anything in between.

Maintaining Advantage

The manufacturing sector in Australia is increasingly under pressure to compete successfully in the global market. The development of leading technology, IoT, automation and smart design is integral to upgrading existing manufacturing processes or developing new facilities.

We have extensive experience in equipment design for the general manufacturing sector and over the years have provided customised solutions and bespoke designs tailored to specific manufacturing needs.

Manufacturing and R&D projects

Specialised support

Underpinning the development of new manufacturing opportunities in Australia is the development of local technology and capability. Support of new technology developers is critical to these outcomes.

We have a long track record of working with such technology developers, bringing our experience of process development and facility design to assist in development of the technology, from pilot scale to demonstration scale through to commercial scale facilities.

Manufacturing and R&D projects

Bespoke design

We work on the development and design of some of the most functionally demanding manufacturing processes in the industrial sector. Our mix of niche technical capability, design and commercial skill, equips us to provide flexible, comprehensive services for these complex scientific or manufacturing facilities. The ability to cross pollenate our experience from the various market sectors in which we operate allows “outside the box” thinking to be applied to mitigate the unique challenges faced by our clients.

Manufacturing and R&D projects

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