Tank farms

Chemical storage. Bulk fluids. Acids. Ingredients. Waste. Whatever your storage requirements, whatever capacity, we have the expertise to engineer your facility to meet the strictest safety requirements, including corrosion and fire protection, emissions control, process simulation and electrical and instrumentation.

Integrated Design

Most facilities that we deliver or upgrade require their raw materials and/or products to be stored, and liquid tank farms are an integral requirement to this need.

We have significant experience in the design, construction and commissioning of tank farms for Dangerous Goods, including highly corrosive and flammable liquids.

Our in-house lead discipline engineers are Hazardous Area trained to the requirements of AS60079, ensuring the design of flammable tank farms have design safety considered from the inception of design works.

Tank Farm projects


We have designed and delivered tank farms ranging from small “in process” buffer storage within client production facilities through to large port storage facilities to accommodate ship unloading.

We have assisted clients in the upgrade or recovery of their tank farms following incidents such as floods, mechanical failure or fire, ensuring that appropriate improvements and safeguards are applied to prevent future incidents.

Tank Farm projects


We have delivered tank farms and their associated loading / unloading facilities for a diverse range of clients, whether an import terminal in an industrial port, a fuel facility in a regional area, alcohol storage for pharmaceutical and food industries or storage of highly corrosive liquids for manufacturing processes.

Tank Farm projects

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