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Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology

Vaccines. Antibiotics. Painkillers. Blood plasma products. The production of these vital commodities is indelibly linked to the chemistry, physics and engineering that are the pillars of our industrial process specialisation. Manufacturing and storage facilities. Piping and electrical design. Containment and cleanroom environments.


We have a long history of servicing the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, since 1963.

We have developed enduring relationships with many leading pharmaceutical companies, with the delivery of ongoing services and major projects for both greenfield and brownfield sites, including managing the challenges of upgrade works in operational facilities.

This includes the delivery of new facilities, such as classed cleanrooms, process design based on client IP, WFI and clean services, utilities and balance of plant services.

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology projects


We regularly provide services to companies that have highly sensitive and confidential technology that requires their information to be held to the highest level of security. We pride ourselves on our ability to service multiple clients in various industry sectors while ensuring confidentiality is maintained at all levels of service delivery.

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology projects

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