Industrial Processes

Rommelag 8 Utilities & Services Detailed Design

Australia, WA

Lycopodium has an extensive record of pharmaceutical facility delivery and was engaged by Pfizer (Perth) to provide engineering design services for the installation of a new Rommelag Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) machine.

Lycopodium’s scope of supply included:

  • Reconfiguration of classed clean-rooms, building structure and services to provide the necessary facility room for the installation of the new Rommelag machine and associated packing hall equipment.
  • Design of services supply in support of the new Rommelag machine requirements, including water for injection (WFI), electrical supply and distribution, pharmaceutical air, clean steam and building management systems (HVAC / security).
  • Redesign of the WFI supply and distribution system to provide additional capacity and flexibility to service the new Rommelag requirements.
  • Full procurement services including writing the scope of works, developing standard contracts, calling for tenders, tender evaluation and recommendations. Tenders covered different trades such as HVAC, building fabric, piping, doors, windows, coving, floor covering, PLC programming and electrical.
  • The project brief was extended to include technical assistance and support for site construction, installation and commissioning activities.

This was a successful project which was completed on time and on budget while being carried out in an operating facility with only limited plant downtime available.

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