Water and wastewater

Water. Our most precious resource. Just 3% of Earth’s 1.3 billion cubic kilometres of water is fresh so we must protect it, reuse it, recycle it. Our industrial processes specialists bring an appreciation for this scarcity together with the expertise to design and deliver water projects of all sizes.

Engineering efficient, sustainable water solutions

Water is a finite resource which is widely used by industry. Ensuring the efficient use of – and providing high quality water to – the domestic market, and clean discharge to the environment, are rapidly increasing challenges for industry.
We apply our process knowledge and work with specialists in the water technology field to develop client-specific facilities to address and resolve the water issues they are facing.

Water and wastewater projects

We remain technology agnostic

Our independence provides clients with the peace of mind that our approach is always focused on the needs of the end-user rather than the limitations of off-the-shelf products. In addition to design services, we can scope and document project requirements for supply, procurement, construction and commissioning of your water/wastewater management system, giving you the peace of mind that your project is adequately scoped, budgeted and construction-ready.

Water and wastewater projects

Delivering precision every step of the way

As a crucial phase in the development of any water/wastewater or trade waste management system, ensuring the precise installation of assets is essential. We leverage our decades of industrial experience and expertise to streamline the construction phase of your project. Save time and resources with our contract administration and procurement services or gain access to our expertise with on-site quality assurance inspections, site safety, and management during the installation and commissioning phases of your project.

Water and wastewater projects

Minimising cost, maximising performance

As water security and environmental sustainability become more prevalent topics, understanding how to drive system efficiencies is increasingly important. We offer planning phase services to drive the value of your next project, by reducing costs and resource requirements and mitigating risks, while improving resource efficiencies and driving system performance.

Water and wastewater projects

The way we work, works.

See for yourself just how well our flexible, stop-at-nothing approach
works for clients throughout the water and wastewater industries.

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