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Calix – Calciner Technical Support

Australia, VIC
Lycopodium partnered with the client to design a replacement calciner liner, provide thermal and mechanical finite element analysis modelling, along with associated structural and thermal considerations as part of a plant upgrade to improve throughput capacity of the existing calciner.

Calix is an award-winning Australian technology company developing new processes and materials to solve global challenges.

The core technology is a world-first, patented vertical calcining kiln built in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria that produces “mineral honeycomb” – very highly active minerals. Calix uses these minerals, which are safe and environmentally friendly, to improve wastewater treatment and phosphate removal, help protect sewer assets from corrosion, and help improve food production from aquaculture and agriculture with reduced anti-biotics, fungicides and pesticides.

In recent years Calix had a requirement for a replacement calciner liner, partnering with Lycopodium to conduct the following services:

  • Design of a replacement calciner liner
  • Thermal and mechanical finite element analysis (FEA) modelling and design of liner, support for structural and thermal growth for the calciner liner and tangential disengagement hopper below the calciner
  • Design of a solids pre-heater and materials transfer system as a plant upgrade to improve plant throughput capacity of the existing calciner

Lycopodium has also further supported Calix in the process and design development of an Endex Reactor FEED Study for a demonstration plant for processing Natural Gas to a Hydrogen Gas Stream, using Sorbent Enhanced Steam Reforming (SESR) with Calcium Oxide as the sorbent and Iron Oxide as the catalyst. The demonstration plant was for a 2MW (LHV basis) of fuel gas at 15 bar abs. The calciner operating temperature was at 905°C.

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