Cowra Lines Reinstatement Feasibility Study

Australia, NSW
Lycopodium was engaged to undertake a Feasibility Study for the reopening of disused railway lines known as the Cowra Lines. The key objective of the Study was to provide sufficient information to establish the economic case, for or against, the upgrade of the existing infrastructure to reinstate all or part of the Cowra Lines.

The Study identified the potential freight demand and established the approximate scope, timing and costs (+/- 50%) to enable freight rail operations to resume on the lines. The Study’s purpose was to inform future Government decision-making about this project by:

  • Carrying out an investigation of the layout, design and cost of reinstatement.
  • Analysing the suitability of the existing alignment, options to improve the alignment and treatment of level crossings.
  • Identifying potential freight facility connections especially at Blayney, Cowra, Wattamondara and Greenethorpe, as well as locations that may have been identified through stakeholder consultation.
  • Conducting a sensitivity test to open sections of the Line based on their viability.
  • Assessing the project’s viability on environmental, heritage, social and economic criteria, including an economic cost-benefit evaluation of various scenarios.
  • Identifying any statutory planning requirements (including but not limited to corridor protection, acquisition, and environmental
  • Examining and costing the implications of not pursuing the project.
  • Identifying any legislative requirements and cross-jurisdictional issues.

The ‘Cowra Lines’ include the Blayney to Demondrille line which connects the Main West line at Blayney with the Main South Line at Demondrille, passing through the towns of Cowra and Young, along with a section of the Grenfell branch line between Koorawatha to Greenethorpe.

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