Crawfords Freightlines Turnout Renewal

Australia, NSW
Lycopodium was engaged to procure and project manage the installation of 2 turnouts and associated civil works within the Sandgate facility.

Crawfords Freightlines lease an integrated intermodal freight transportation facility at Sandgate, NSW, which transfers refrigerated and intermediate bulk containers, raw materials, liquids, heavy industrial products, agricultural and forestry products and dangerous goods by rail to the Port of Botany.

Lycopodium Infrastructure is the Rail Infrastructure Maintenance (RIM) service provider for Crawfords Freightlines, providing regular inspections and certification, ensuring Crawford’s rail assets are “fit for purpose” with no surprises, at minimal cost. Maintenance routines ensure assets are maintained at an optimum level to meet Crawford’s operational and maintenance objectives, with operating risks and business risks being appropriately managed.

The lessor of the facility, Sandgate Management Services, engaged Lycopodium to procure and project manage the installation of 2 turnouts and associated civil works within the facility. The scope of work, delivered “round the clock” over a 66-hour period, was to:

  • Install a new formation and drainage system as per Lycopodium supplied formation design, with a 150mm track lift to allow the new formation design to be constructed
  • Procure, construct and install new turnouts including new points levers
  • Supply and install concrete sleepers for a length of 30m behind and in front of each turnout on all roads (Through Roads and Turnout Roads)
  • Supply and install new rail between the new turnouts
  • Supply and install new rail for the 70m shunt neck (140m rail)
  • Construct a new asphalt bund along the edge of the hardstand to divert contaminated stormwater from entering the formation and direct it to the existing inlet drains

All works were delivered within the required track possession with no delays to the terminal operation and a saving on the approved budget.

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