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Energy Efficiency Projects – Various

Australia, NSW, SA, VIC, WA
Lycopodium has assisted various clients in implementing energy efficiency projects across a variety of sectors including Food & Beverage, Chemical & Energy and Pharmaceuticals.

Lycopodium has assisted various clients in implementing energy efficiency projects. A sample of these projects is outlined below.

Chilled Water Cooling System – Yakult Australia, Victoria
Use of an ice tank permitted use of off-peak power and smaller plant saving energy.

LPG Extraction from Natural Gas Feed to Fertilizer Plant – Burrup Fertilizers, West Australia
LPG is present in the natural gas feed used for fertiliser production. Removal of LPG increased efficiency in the fertiliser plant and the recovered LPG is used for other energy requirements.

Ethanol Plant – Swan Hill Ethanol, Victoria
Integration of heat exchangers allowed waste heat that would normally be lost by rejection through cooling towers to be utilised in the evaporators and distillation columns.

Boiler Waste Heat Reuse for Hot Water – GlaxoSmithKline, Victoria
A feasibility study was completed on the use of boiler waste heat for building heating. By replacing building heaters, waste steam from the plant could be used for building heating, reducing use of natural gas and saving energy.

Steam Turbine Power Generation – Murray Goulburn Co-Operative, Victoria
The plant requires high pressure steam for a small number of processes, with the majority of steam demand passing through pressure reducing stations. The replacement of pressure reducing stations with a steam turbine will produce steam at the required pressure whilst recovering significant energy and generate power.

Solar Storage – Confidential Client, South Australia
Development of an Ammonia based solar energy storage system will enable energy collected by a solar system to be captured and stored with zero losses for later use.

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