Industrial Processes

Fine Chemicals Facility

Australia, VIC
Lycopodium was responsible for the design, project management, procurement and construction of the Fine Chemicals Facility at Port Fairy, for the production of active pharmaceutical alkaloid products, including morphine and codeine.

Lycopodium developed the project concept and the preliminary engineering in conjunction with the client, then carried out the detailed design, procurement and project management. Lycopodium supervised the contractors on-site and provided the necessary technical inspectors, engineering support and commissioning personnel. Lycopodium’s experience in electrically hazardous areas, Class1 Zone1 and in the storage and handling of dangerous goods, was used to deal with the flammability and toxicity of the chemicals involved.

The facility consisted of:

  • A manufacturing hall with 20 pressure vessels/reactors on two floors, with a lift.
  • An off-loading and packing area consisting of 12 rooms of clean construction with class 350 air conditioning, nested pressure distribution, air and water showers plus full-service facilities and automatic doors.
  • Control room and control equipment room.
  • Motor control cabinet, MCC room, a field bus distributed control system.
  • A tank farm with approximately 10 tanks.
  • Integrated building ventilation system with pressurised airlocks.
  • Special equipment including filling and packing heads, glove boxes, filter dryers, heat exchangers, pumps and condensing columns.
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