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Flood Recovery Project

Australia, QLD
Lycopodium provided urgent on-site engineering to support DuluxGroup achieve a staged recovery to full production from Brisbane floodwaters.

The Rocklea manufacturing plant in Brisbane produces over 50 million litres of paint per year which represents over 70% of the DuluxGroup production capability.
During the Brisbane floods in January 2011, the Rocklea plant was flooded with the manufacturing floor 3m under water. This caused major damage and disruption to the facility. Lycopodium was initially requested to carry out a preliminary equipment assessment and then took on the role as the primary engineering / management support for major flood recovery works across the site.
The main plant areas addressed by Lycopodium were:

  • Water-Based Paint manufacturing
  • Bead Plant
  • Solvent-Based Paint Manufacturing
  • Solvent Tank Farm

Lycopodium’s scope included:

  • Engineering Services
    • Assessed equipment damage and developed a reinstatement strategy based on the ability to repair, refurbish or replace
    • Assisted Dulux in identifying and prioritizing the recovery work tasks for a staged recovery of production
    • Developed a detailed schedule of works to meet Dulux business deadlines
    • Provided regular schedule updates, identified program efficiencies and mitigated potential delays
    • Provided safe temporary power to enable recovery works to be carried out
    • Identified and prioritised temporary works to provide emergency services and critical infrastructure.
  • Electrical Engineering
    • Designed power distribution circuits, motor circuits, switchboards, instrumentation, lighting
    • Provided engineering guidance in hazardous area compliance work.
  • Mechanical Engineering
    • Designed structural installations and piping
    • Re-designed Tanker Unloading / Product Delivery systems.
  • Procurement, construction, and commissioning phases
    • Specified electrical and mechanical equipment
    • Coordinated procurement and expediting activities
    • Supervised electrical contractors and managed site safety
    • Inspected electrical work to AS3000 and hazardous areas standards including liaison and coordination of statutory inspection by certified inspectors
    • Supervised mechanical and electrical contractors / sub-contractors to comply with site safety requirements
    • Developed and implemented a commissioning plan.

Lycopodium’s support to DuluxGroup delivered the following main benefits:

  • Provided a quick response to urgent needs on-site with suitable resources
  • Collaborated seamlessly with DuluxGroups personnel at all business levels
  • Achieved a staged recovery to full production to meet business goals through prioritising and managing work.
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