Parkes Yard Turnout Design

Australia, NSW
Lycopodium was engaged to undertake investigations and designs associated with the replacement of turnouts, inclusive of turnout configuration, drainage, formation, contamination, heritage and signalling impact reviews.

The plain track which interfaces with a number of the turnouts was also designed for renewal. The Turnout designs were composed within two phases. A summary of the Parkes Yard Turnout Design works consisted of the following elements:

  • Investigation and design – Survey and Geotechnical investigation of the existing yard, preparation of designs for track and civil works;
  • Track works – Design and installation of turnouts;
  • Track works – Re-alignment of tracks, where necessary, to meet JHRCRN standards, and specification of proposed turnouts;
  • Civil works – including drainage and formation build-up to improve asset life expectancy and maintainability (civil design for any potential changes to signalling layouts would need to be considered further).

The Parkes Railway Precinct is a major railway junction associated with the earliest development of railway infrastructure in the west of NSW in the late 19th century.

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