Port Botany Rail Duplication

Australia, NSW
Lycopodium was engaged by ARTC to survey and assess the condition, capacity and location of existing combined services route (CSR) and cable route infrastructure, as part of a pair of projects at Port Botany.
  • The Botany Rail Duplication project involved the construction of new track within the rail corridor for a distance of about 3km to provide dual track between Botany and Mascot by duplicating the existing single line.
  • The Botany Yard Bi-Directional Signalling project aimed to improve the efficiency of train arrival and departures in Botany Yard by reconfiguring the signalling infrastructure to enable bi-directional signalling on the Arrival and Departure tracks.

Together, the two projects will enable dual-track bi-directional movements for the length of the Botany Line and into Botany Yard, increasing operational capacity to support future growth.

To assist the development of both projects, Lycopodium was engaged to survey the third party utilities and surface features whilst undertaking an assessment on the condition, capacity and location of existing CSR and cable route infrastructure. These findings were used to provide baseline information to inform future design and construction phases.

Every year, more than two million containers cross the docks at Sydney’s Port Botany. The Port Botany Rail Duplication project was a key piece of the State Government’s goal to double the proportion of container freight movement by rail through NSW ports by 2020, from 14% to 28%.

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