Southern Ports Rail Points Refurbishment

Australia, WA
Lycopodium was contracted to manage the refurbishment of points within the Esperance yard.

The Esperance Port is a dead-end track that relies upon the No.10 Points to shunt empty cars around the car dumper as the car dumper operates. Lycopodium was engaged to refurbish the toe of the points which were broken and required replacement. A number of bearers had failed such that gauge widening was occurring and thus required replacement.

Lycopodium defined the scope of works, managed the contractor selection, and managed the procurement process and preparations for the site over the shutdown period works. Lycopodium also supplied the Rail safe working officer to provide rail protection of the site for the duration of the works and ensure quality construction of the rail works with onsite supervision and works acceptance.

During a site scoping visit, Southern Ports requested the installation of a derailer which they had purchased. Lycopodium arranged for the necessary parts to ensure the installation undertaken during the shutdown met the manufacturer’s requirements.

During the planning phase, the points mechanism was identified as requiring replacement and at no additional management cost to Southern Ports, Lycopodium managed the procurement of the required parts and the subsequent supervision of this installation.

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