Industrial Processes

Design of Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant

Australia, NSW

Lycopodium was engaged by Hydrodec to design a process plant to regenerate used transformer oil back to better than its original state, based on a 1 tonne per day pilot plant developed by the CSIRO.

Lycopodium’s scope was to develop the necessary design to produce a plant capable of producing 24 tonnes per day of regenerated transformer oil.

The plant operates at a pressure of 40 bar and utilizes hydrogen and ammonia as inputs to the process.

The process involved:

  • hydrogenation of the input oil using a catalyst
  • neutralisation of the acids produced with ammonia
  • separation of the light hydrocarbon produced during the hydrogenation
  • washing of the neutralised acids from the oil
  • separation of the wash waters from the oil.

The process allows high-quality transformer oil, which was previously discarded as fuel oil after a single-use, to be continuously reused.

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