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Engineering & Design:
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Our multidisciplinary engineering and design capabilities enable you to scope, cost, schedule and implement optimised plans with complete certainty and confidence, no matter how complex the challenge.

From the study phase through to detailed design, from construction management and schedule integration to commissioning, we can provide as much – or as little – engineering support as you need, with a dedicated team handpicked for their experience in your industry.

Engineering and design

What we do

Our engineering and design teams around the world work across a diverse range of disciplines for clients operating in the minerals, infrastructure and process industries sectors.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED). Detailed engineering design, drafting and optimisation. Civil, structural and mechanical design and specification. Electrical, instrumentation and control system design and engineering. The list goes on.

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Detailed engineering design and drafting
  • Process design, development and optimisation
  • Civil and structural design and specification
  • Mechanical design and specification
  • Electrical, instrumentation and control system design
  • 3D modelling and design
  • Dangerous goods storage and handling

Digital engineering

In addition to capturing our tacit knowledge from the field, we’re heavily invested in preserving our explicit knowledge by being part of the forward group in the evolution of digital engineering. We’re adopting proven, leading digital platforms and packages to ensure we are among the leaders in our field.

We use digital engineering to create a digital representation of the project. Building Information Modelling (BIM), is the process of creating information models containing both graphical and non-graphical information in a shared repository for digital project information. We’re pursuing an integrated BIM strategy that will see 4D BIM (Construction sequencing), 5D BIM (Cost) and 6D BIM (Project lifecycle information) being adopted.

BIM remains an evolving platform in the engineering sector and we will continue to be part of this evolution.

  • 3D visualisation
  • Single point of truth
  • Planning and compliance
  • Mobility in the field, mobile inspection
  • Data capture, storage and retrieval, automatically and instantaneously
  • Live information status
  • Transparent, remote and secure viewing
  • Seamless and immediate efficiencies

We integrate or partner with IT and software specialists, as appropriate, to leverage their expertise into our overall delivery. The result is a digital asset that adds value to the physical asset.

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How we think about engineering and design

Good engineering and design as a discipline is more than the commercialisation of science. Good engineering and design works with – and for – the broader community. It advances society.

This social aspect is something we aspire to achieve in all our work, whether we’re partnering with clients in the mining industry, infrastructure sector or process and manufacturing industries.

With experience comes wisdom. We’ve learned many engineering lessons delivering projects in cold climates and desert plains, in tropical jungles and dangerous surf zones.  We’re continually learning from our experiences, adapting and improving our engineering as new materials come onto the market, new equipment becomes available and new technologies roll out.

How we work as your engineering and design team

With subject matter experts and specialists in every aspect of engineering and design, all with frontline industry experience, we’re able to handpick an engineering and design team, tailor-made to add as much value as possible to every stage of your project.

As with all our projects, we’ll assign a project lead, so you have a single point of contact to deal with. Your project lead will not only make sure we bring the full wealth of engineering talent and design expertise within our business to bear, but also ensure the engineering and design process is as smooth as possible, delivering the strategic, operational and commercial outcomes you’re aiming for.

Where our engineering teams work

Our design and engineering teams work with clients around the world, providing design and engineering services for a diverse range of projects in an equally diverse array of locales. This includes some of the harshest and most remote places you can imagine, from tropical environments to arid deserts, from arctic climates to high-altitude locations.


Big-picture, fine-detail design and engineering

Whatever the environment and its unique engineering challenges, we can deliver conceptual and detailed designs for greenfield and brownfield processing plants anywhere in the world, from the coldest climates to desert plains, from tropical jungles to the surf zone of the Skeleton Coast.

We use digital engineering to create a digital representation of the project (some call it BIM) from intelligent P&IDs through BIM ‘light’ models, cost and schedule integration, through to life-of-asset models. The digital platform captures all the smarts associated with clever engineering, which allows us to transfer all the knowledge to you upon completion or handover.

When we’re providing engineering and design services for our clients across the mining and minerals world, we think the way they do: long term. We plan and design with 10-year, 25-year, 35-year, 50-year horizons in mind, carefully weighing the long-term consequences of every structural, mechanical, electrical, process control and instrumentation engineering decision we make.

Industrial Processes

Keeping operations efficient and people safe

It goes without saying that we apply all our considerable FEED, electrical, mechanical, control system, instrumentation and process design and engineering expertise to help our clients’ plants and systems run efficiently, not just in the short-term, but for the life of the project. And the same goes for the diverse range of safety capabilities and systems that need to be hard-wired into every design or engineering plan to protect your people and reputation, today and into the future.

And so, every design and engineering team we create from scratch for every client includes safety, dangerous goods and hazard assessment experts who, along with our electrical and mechanical engineers, look at the big picture, considering the long-term safety consequences of every design or engineering decision.


From feasibility to detailed design and beyond

Our civil and infrastructure design and engineering teams partner with clients at every stage of the engineering and design process, from concept and feasibility, right through to detailed design and ongoing refinement and development.

We have a proven track record of taking major road and rail design and engineering projects through the full project lifecycle, adding value at every stage. Indeed, the more stages our multidisciplinary teams are involved in, the more value we can add.

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