Transport and Logistics Studies

At Lycopodium, we specialise in providing evidence-based assessments and analyses to determine the viability of your infrastructure project, ensuring a sound economic investment. We are passionate about assisting clients in making the right decisions for their organisation, the community, and the environment. Our studies assess a project’s viability and meet various benchmarks before progressing to design and construction stages.

Economic Assessments and Scoping Studies

We can help you determine the viability of your project by providing high-level evaluations that consider potential freight demand, scope, timing, and cost. Our assessments take into account various factors such as whether the project is efficient, reliable, socially acceptable, and of course, cost-effective.

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Feasibility Studies

Our team of specialists has significant experience in the delivery of feasibility studies relating to the reopening of closed transport links and the construction of new routes. We can assess your project’s viability on environmental, heritage, social and economic criteria, including economic cost benefit evaluation of various scenarios. Our feasibility study will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the project’s viability, including baseline condition assessments of assets, development of upgrade scenarios, and preparation of cost estimates.

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Cost Benefit Analyses

Our team will weigh the benefits of the project against the costs of development to provide sufficient information to establish the economic case for or against the upgrade of existing or development of new infrastructure.

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Business Cases

At Lycopodium, we understand the importance of making sound economic investments when it comes to rail infrastructure projects. That’s why our business cases involve the application of comprehensive, formal project management methodologies. Our approach covers everything from establishing the need for the project, to exploring potential obstacles, estimating costs, and outlining the delivery process. Our focus is on providing independent, impartial, evidence-based, and informed business decisions to stakeholders and decision-makers.

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