Industrial Processes

98% Sulphuric Acid (CSA) Tank Farm

Australia, NSW
Lycopodium delivered detailed design for all process, civil, structural/mechanical, electrical and controls as part of a new CSA tank farm for Thales Australia.

Located in Mulwala, NSW, the client’s facility is a chemical manufacturing plant that produces propellants and explosives for military and commercial applications. It is a Commonwealth Government-owned facility, managed by Thales Australia Limited (Thales), widely regarded as the most modern and capable extruded propellant facility in the world.

Thales propellants offer the highest standards in accuracy, reliability and repeatability under varying temperature conditions.

The facility is undergoing ongoing plant upgrades to maintain the capability of the site, to increase automation, and to ensure that the plant is compliant with relevant Australian standards and regulations.

Lycopodium was responsible for upgrading most of the original onsite acid storage and handling facilities, which deal with concentrated Nitric and Sulphuric acids used for nitration of base materials required for production.

For the CSA tank farm, Lycopodium scope included process, civil, structural/mechanical, electrical and controls detailed design, construction technical support and commissioning, using our specific designs and skills for the management of concentrated acids.

Lycopodium has also been responsible for upgrades to much of the storage facilities for acid storage, distribution and handling. These upgrades, as designed by Lycopodium, help produce a purer base material that results in the renowned consistency and stability of the finished products.

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