Industrial Processes

Acid Tank Farm Precinct Upgrade Projects

Australia, NSW

Lycopodium was responsible for upgrading most of the original onsite acid storage and handling facilities at the Thales chemical manufacturing plant which produces propellants and explosives for military and commercial applications.

The Mulwala Facility is a chemical manufacturing plant, which produces propellants and explosives for military and commercial applications. It is a Commonwealth Government owned facility, managed by Thales Australia Limited (TAL).

Lycopodium was initially engaged to provide a Concept Study Report for the Acid Tank Farm Precinct for the Mulwala Facility in 2009.

The study was undertaken to provide an assessment of a number of options, for meeting the project objectives, through refurbishment and/or redevelopment of the Acid Precinct, undertaking a formal Decision Analysis (DA) and making a recommendation for a Technical Scope of Works to be undertaken.

Thales then awarded Lycopodium the contract to provide the Basic Engineering Design and develop the tender documents for detailed design and installation of the works in Jan 2011.

Using these documents, Lycopodium then won the tender to deliver a new spent acid storage tank farm, a new concentrated acid mixing facility, refurbish three acid tanker loading bays, design and install a new NOx (Nitrous Oxide) Fume Absorption plant and develop the detailed design tender package for a further Nitric Acid tank farm. This tender was awarded in Nov 2011 for a total project value of AUD $14M.

Lycopodium was responsible for all aspects of the upgrade to the facility, including the facilitation of HAZOP reviews, performance and design modeling, detailed civil, mechanical and electrical design, project and construction management all on a lump sum basis.

The material of construction for the mechanical and electrical plant consisted mainly of stainless steel and special consideration was given to protective coating systems on both the civil and building works.

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