Cobré Panama Ball Mill 6 Project

Americas, Panama, South America
Located in Panama, Cobré Panama is one of the largest copper mines in the world, with the production complex including a series of open-pits, a processing plant, a 300 megawatt power station and an international shipping port.

Commencing commercial production in 2019, with a processing capacity of 85 Mtpa, Lycopodium delivered the detailed engineering design for the process plant and provided technical input into the procurement process for the construction of the plant, services and associated infrastructure.

Production capacity at Cobré Panama has continued to be developed, with the addition of a further 22 megawatt ball mill (Ball Mill 6), a screening plant for secondary crushing feed, and a third large diameter water pipeline. The Ball Mill 6 Project, for which Lycopodium has provided engineering, design, procurement and construction support services, is part of the suite of projects that were undertaken to enable the mine to achieve a throughput rate of 100 Mtpa. Construction and commissioning activities were completed in Q1 2023.

The three 28 megawatt SAG mills, four 16.5 megawatt ball mills and two 22 megawatt ball mills at Cobré Panama are amongst the largest installed anywhere in the world.

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