Industrial Processes

Hydrogen Sulphide Plant

Asia, Philippines

Lycopodium in conjunction with their USA technology provider, C&I Engineering, provided the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) package for two 42-tonne per day H2S Plants for the High-Pressure Acid Leach (HPAL) Nickel Extraction Plant owned by Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. Ltd.

The technology provider’s scope was the process design and performance guarantee of the H2S plants. Lycopodium’s role included front end engineering design of the H2S Plant and balance of plant. Lycopodium then collaborated with JGC and Chiyoda Corporations Joint Venture for the completion of the detailed engineering design of the H2S plant and ancillary plant. The ancillary processes include H2S gas scrubbers, sulphur handling, melting, filtering, reticulation and utilities reticulation.

Lycopodium sought competitive bids for all equipment and entered into commercial negotiations to achieve acceptable terms and conditions. Lycopodium’s scope also included vendor data reviews.

Lycopodium participated in the detailed design phase of the project which included development of the Functional Description for the distributed control system, the development of the Safety Requirements Specification for the safety instrumented system and the provision of other technical engineering support as required. Lycopodium also participated in factory acceptance testing, provided commissioning documentation and standard operational manuals as well as process commissioning of the plant.

Lycopodium led commissioning planning, commissioning and provided operator training for the H2S plant.

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