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Solar Powered Light Tower Design

Australia, VIC
The Solar Owl has been developed as a set-and-forget, long-term alternative to diesel-powered light towers for use on mine sites and similar industrial applications. It runs silently, without the need for refuelling and has been engineered to withstand the most extreme of weather conditions.

ZECO Energy is an Australian supplier of major commercial solar and battery storage projects, delivering end-to-end solar and storage solutions, including turnkey packages. ZECO approached Lycopodium seeking engineering expertise in the development of a new portable, industrial light tower design.

Lycopodium provided detailed design services to ZECO for the PV solar-powered light trailer, known as the Solar Owl. The Solar Owl operates with a reduced carbon footprint by utilising battery storage instead of the traditional hydrocarbon powered generator.

The unit also reduces operating costs by removing the need to fuel a generator; it can be set up and forgotten. The on-board battery pack is designed to allow for multiple cloudy days whilst continuing to provide full light output by utilising high efficiency LED floodlights.

The PV solar panels’ capacity is up to 5.0kW – as much as many residential properties. The lithium-ion batteries have sufficient storage capacity to allow the lights to continue to function for 3 days of reduced solar collection (cloudy or rainy days).

The trailer packs down for normal road travel to be towed by a light vehicle. The trailer then expands on-site and sets up to 5m x 6m x 3.5m high with the LED light mast extending up to 9.0m high. Single person set up in approx. 5 minutes.

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