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The science of performance assessment, management and improvement calls for a holistic understanding of the diverse factors that affect performance over the lifecycle of an asset, plant or site. And at Lycopodium, this understanding is the foundation of our business.

Performance assessment and improvement

What we do

Continual improvement is a fundamental tenet of our culture here at Lycopodium. It’s little wonder, then, that performance assessment and improvement – whether at the launch of a project, or over its entire lifecycle – underpins our relationships with clients across the mining, minerals, infrastructure, manufacturing and industrial process industries.

Our performance assessment and improvement services include:

  • Asset management assessments and gap analysis
  • Root cause analysis (RCA)
  • KPI and asset management goal alignment
  • Change management
  • Maintenance effectiveness surveys
  • Optimisation audits

Holistic, ongoing performance improvement

As your performance management partner, we’ll provide your organisation with a clear understanding of your asset’s performance against your strategic and operational targets at each stage of the asset lifecycle.

You’ll find that, in addition to a suite of performance review and assessment tools, our performance engineers have frontline experience across nominated sectors and industries.

This intimate knowledge means we understand how and when to conduct structured performance reviews that then inform the practical performance optimisation solutions we develop – solutions that ensure you hit your cost, risk and performance targets.


Keep your assets performing optimally, long term

Our performance assessment and improvement engineers can work with you at every stage of your asset’s lifecycle to ensure its management strategies not only keep your maintenance costs to a minimum, but also keep your assets performing the way you want them to.

Learn about the in-house asset management and performance review tools our performance specialists have at their disposal and find out more about our performance assessment and optimisation experience across the utilities, rail and civil infrastructure sectors.

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