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Asset Management:
Optimise asset management.
Optimise your asset’s ROI.

Get independent, objective advice on what’s needed to manage your assets effectively. Understand where to position your business on the asset management cost curve, from pragmatic cost management to best-in-class. Measure the performance of your assets and create an opportunity for operational improvement.

Asset management

What we do

Our asset management specialists operate across a host of sectors, including utilities, mining, manufacturing, oil and gas, rail and government infrastructure.

We apply best-in-class asset management and maintenance processes and principles so you can manage costs, risk and performance from concept planning to asset creation, operations and maintenance, right through to removal or renewal.

Our asset management and maintenance services include, but aren’t limited to:

• Asset assurance and risk mitigation
• Asset condition assessments
• Asset information management
• Assessment management systems (AMS)
• ISO 55001 implementation and gap analysis
• Asset risk management
• Asset maintenance management
• Asset register development
• Maintenance workflow processes
• Maintenance management reviews
Performance assessment and improvement
• Vendor manual reviews
• Technical writing and document control
• Spare parts management

But it’s not all just about the science. We also support the development of the softer elements of asset management, including establishing roles and responsibilities, identifying and setting competencies, managing change, and setting and reviewing measures of success.

Ensuring your asset’s operational readiness

The management and maintenance plans and tactics we devise for new assets are developed from the ground up. We establish first principles for actions and plans, then upload the actions to your asset management system, so your team is ready to go from day one.

Our proactive asset management planning ethos is rooted in the development and delivery phases of your project. It’s an integrated approach that enables us to identify potential management and maintenance issues and create plans that streamline ongoing maintenance, minimising operational risks and management costs in the long run.

Sharing asset maintenance information knowledge

Our asset management teams work closely with our clients – we’ll operate as an extension of your team. Your asset management KPIs are our KPIs. Your strategic and operational goals are our goals.

As such, we believe knowledge transfer holds the key to unlocking the value of your assets. Your asset information is critical to the management decisions you make and your ability to manage risk, and so our asset management solutions are designed to ensure the seamless transfer of the asset information you need.


Not only will we deliver your project on time, on spec and on budget, we can also deliver it with a full asset management plan to ensure the highest safety, quality and cost-effective performance is achieved, with a seamless handover from commissioning team to your operations team. The asset management plan covers strategies to minimise production losses and operational downtime, prolong equipment use and provide operator training.

Industrial processes

Improving performance through asset management

For our asset management experts specialising in manufacturing and process industries, the discipline of asset management is part of a much bigger picture.

Our asset management engineers draw on our 50+ years of experience to integrate our best-practice learnings and resilience into plant designs, continually setting new standards and constantly improving systems to optimise performance, productivity and ROI throughout the life of your asset.


Long-term asset management peace of mind

Our asset management and maintenance work with clients in the utilities, rail and infrastructure space is all about providing long-term certainty, often with fully costed works programs – such as rail infrastructure management (RIM) plans – that span decades or the life of the asset.

Whether we’re developing future-proof maintenance plans in the asset design phase, or using our in-house tools to develop baseline condition assessments for existing assets, we’ll give you the information you need to make the right asset management decisions.

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