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Commissioning &
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Our process and design engineers are always part of the commissioning team – it’s the Lycopodium way. We see, touch and feel the consequences of our decisions. This intimate knowledge means our plants ramp up to name-plate capacity quickly and transition to operations seamlessly.

Commissioning and operations support

What we do

At Lycopodium, our working knowledge of your industry means we understand the operational demands and challenges your project and operational personnel face, not just immediately after commissioning, but into the future.

That’s why ongoing operation, maintenance and performance management are factored into every engineering and construction project we undertake from the outset.

When the time for commissioning and operational handover comes, we want you and your team to enjoy complete peace of mind.

We want you to know, without doubt, that all your plant’s systems, components and processes have been designed, installed and tested to meet your established standards and support your operational KPIs. And we want you to be just as certain your plant’s ongoing maintenance will be as seamless, efficient and cost-effective as the commissioning process.

How our commissioning and operational support teams work

Our commissioning and operational transition and support teams ensure all operational readiness tasks and tests are completed, and that future-proof maintenance strategies are developed while your project is under construction, ready to be implemented from day zero.

  • Pre-operational testing and commissioning management
  • Pre-commissioning, turnover and commissioning plans and procedures
  • Project schedule optimisation and construction contract management
  • Construction completion, pre-commissioning, turnover and commissioning activities and reporting
  • Construction and commissioning safety and environmental standards
  • Systems and plant commissioning and operational handover planning and management
  • Asset management and spares registry set-up
  • Post-commissioning operational inspection, maintenance and support programs

We ensure spares are identified, catalogued and linked to asset registers. And, ultimately, we ensure there is no reason for the assets to fail in the early stages of operation and maintenance, so you can look to the future with confidence.


Efficient commissioning, handover and operations

We think holistically about mining and minerals projects at Lycopodium – we’ve done so for over 25 years. That means we’ll factor commissioning and operations support into your engineering or construction project from the concept and planning stages, thereby ensuring seamless commissioning, handover and ongoing maintenance.

In short, we’ll take the hard work out of the completion-to-operations transition, ensuring your plant is up, running and operating as efficiently as possible, from day one and into the future.

Industrial processes

Whatever support you need, wherever you are

From the holistic commissioning of your plant – systems, components, processes, everything – to a seamless operational handover and ongoing maintenance support, we have proven global commissioning and operational support capabilities, with a focus on local, tailored delivery.

The result: we’re able to ensure our clients’ pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage, manufacturing and energy plants operate efficiently.


Enjoy maintenance and support peace of mind

The operational inspection, maintenance and support solutions we deliver in the transport and civil infrastructure space are designed in partnership with our clients, ensuring their assets and operational performance are maintained effectively, throughout the asset’s lifecycle.

Furthermore, because we work as an extension of your team, with a solution-agnostic, contractor-agnostic approach, you can rest assured you’re getting the very best value from your operational budget.

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