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Construction Management:
Ensure even complex
construction projects feel

Remote locations. Crowded urban environments. Challenging climatic conditions. Diverse cultures and languages. We’ve applied our construction management know-how to an array of projects around the world, each with unique challenges and all managed with the efficiency and finesse that only comes with experience. Local and global experience.

Construction management

What we do

Your carefully chosen Lycopodium construction management team will handle every facet of the construction process with our trademark clarity and proficiency.

It starts with our architectural and design services (if required), and goes right through to contractor management, site safety, environmental management and the finer details of project delivery, like documentation management.

A proactive approach for a seamless construction experience.

  • Construction management plan and procedure development
  • Project health, safety, quality and environmental plan development
  • Project security, community and industrial relations plan development
  • Construction project management in accordance with ‘Best Value Principles’
  • Project progress monitoring and reporting through your dedicated project manager
  • Commissioning and operations planning support

Health, safety and loss prevention management

The plans, procedures and best practice principles we establish and adhere to are project-specific, designed to ensure your construction project is managed as efficiently as possible, placing health and safety at the forefront of everything we do.

Similarly, the security of construction sites is a priority for us and a key commitment in both protecting your budget and the safety of employees, contractors and the wider community.

These factors are at the heart of our construction management commitment and ethos.

  • Design and implement a project-specific Health, Safety and Loss Prevention Plan
  • Design and implement a project-specific Community and Industrial Relations Plan
  • Take the lead on all project health, safety, environment and loss prevention related matters
  • Ensure all health, safety, environment and loss prevention principles, rules and processes are reflected in day-to-day project activities and planning
  • Report on all health, safety, environment and loss prevention matters and statistics


Tailored, best-value construction management

With decades of experience working with mining and minerals clients worldwide, we’ll partner with you from the early stages of your project to tailor our team and construction management capabilities to suit you and your project KPIs.

Our team will operate as a natural extension of yours, applying best-value principles to every facet of project planning and execution, from health, safety and environmental management, through to loss prevention and community and industrial relations.

Industrial processes

All the construction management expertise you need

Our experience working with pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, manufacturing, food and beverage, and chemical and energy clients means we understand your construction project. It also means we can tailor our construction management team to make managing that complexity as simple, seamless and cost-effective as possible.

We’ll work with you to develop a construction management philosophy, creating a bespoke framework and model for your project that ensures we project manage construction efficiently, either in packages, or as concept-to-completion project managers.


Made-to-measure infrastructure construction

The handpicked construction management team we’ll assemble for your project will include subject matter experts who have extensive infrastructure construction experience, so your team will understand your strategic and operational goals from the outset.

This agile, tailored approach to infrastructure construction management ensures we’re as efficient and effective at managing relatively small-scale projects as we are overseeing complex projects, from concept, through the construction project cycle, to completion.

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