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Independent Verification and Assessment

Lycopodium has built an experienced team that is respected throughout the rail industry for our knowledge, integrity and impartiality. For more than a decade we have been trusted by asset owners for project guidance and assessments on the performance of all aspects of the project scope, from the basis of design through engineering / design development, procurement, site construction, commissioning and HSE performance.

Independent Verification / Certification

As independent verifier for your project, Lycopodium can provide track/civil detailed design, risk management, design principles and design certificates.

Our responsibilities extend to the construction phase to oversee specifications, QA plans, construction methodology / ITPs (inspection and test plans), design changes, due diligence inspections, construction-related QA and possession certificate/s.

Finally, in the closeout phase we will review as-builts, conduct final site inspection, review assessment of nonstandard items, treatment of residual risks, issue notice of completion, and issue closeout report.

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Infrastructure Reviews

From time to time, private or government projects may require a review or reset to take stock of spend, timeline or various other factors. Lycopodium can provide Infrastructure reviews at any stage throughout a project’s life. We maintain an independent view of operations to provide our assessment of necessary improvements and changes to ensure the project remains on time and on budget.

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Level Crossing Compliance Assessments

Level crossings present a key interface and risk area for rail operators. Lycopodium has proven extensive experience in design, construction, maintenance, and operations. Utilising this depth of knowledge, we have streamlined an analysis assessment process of level crossings to ensure that results are repeatable and defendable.

Using this proven methodology, Lycopodium has conducted Level Crossing Compliance Assessments on over 800 level crossings throughout Australia. We have also followed these assessments with design for compliance upgrades allowing for increasing train speeds, provision of Australian Standard compliance and so far as is reasonably practicable (SFAIRP) risk management of rail operator level crossings.

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